Marvellous Monthly Minis Club (May)

Marvellous Monthly Minis Club (May)

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My Marvellous Monthy Minis Club is a mini skeins club inspired by the colours of the months and seasons. Available in both blanket and sock options (see details below). Each month a new mood board will be released to give you a taste of the colours involved. The aim is for each month to go with the next so you end up with a cohesive set of mins. 

Options (Choose from the drop-down box): 

  • 10g Blanket Box (5x 10g 4ply minis) 
  • 20g Blanket Box (5x 20g 4ply minis) 
  • 20g DK Blanket Box (5x 20g DK minis) 
  • 10g Sock Box (5x 10g 4ply minis plus 1x 20g contrast mini)
  • 20g Sock Box (5x 20g 4ply minis plus 1x 20g contrast minis) 

All options are dyed on a 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon base, yarn info can be found here.

The colourways will be the same across all options (with the additional 20g contrast in the sock boxes) 

Listings and Shipping

The listings for the MMM Club will be available for preorder from the 1st - 15th of each month. 

The Club will ship in the last week of each month (occasionally this dispatch may be delayed until the 1st week of the next month if I have childcare issues sue to school closures etc but I aim to get it out on time each month). 

Please note: if you order the club with other items then they won't ship until the club does, thank you.