Socks Sets

Helen Giddens

I'm completely in love with the idea of sock sets at the moment. They’re great fun to dye and it’s also a lovely way of re-imagining colourways. Today I have just added a couple of new sock sets to the shop.

With a sock set you receive 50g of the main colour and 20g of the contast colour. This should give you enough yarn to make a pair of socks for up to a UK size 7 foot (and maybe bigger).

These are Rainbow drops and Sunken Treasure.

Rainbow drops is inspired by the UK sweet of the same name, although I’m never sure they should be called sweets as they’re really sugar coated puffed rice. Its is a pastel pink, yellow and green colourway with pops of bright violet and it comes with a hot pink contrasting mini skein.

Sunken Treasure you may remember. This colourway was one of my original updates and was very popular, it’s currently sold out.


But I decided to re-invent it as a sock set. It is a pale turquoise blue base, with multicoloured speckles. It is inspired by the idea of pirates treasure at the bottom of the sea. I’ve paired it with a lovely yellow mini skein to keep the seaside feel.

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