Shop Update - 15th Oct 2017

Helen Giddens

There are a few lovely things going into the shop today.

Firstly I have some Christmas sock sets. I am calling this colourway ‘Christmas Stocking’.

The next wintery colourway I have this week is ‘Sprinkling of Frost’. This is a beautiful sparkly Blue and Pale minty blue colourway with light speckles of turquoise, pink and purple.

Then I have some more autumnal colourways, firstly I have restocked ‘Pumpkin Patch’ as it was very popular.

And finally, I have one more new colourway. This one is called ‘Bonfire night’. It’s a lovely red and orange colourway with areas of brown and black. It’s dyed on my stellina base so it has a lovely sparkle. I have found this colourway very very hard to photograph!

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