Plans for 2018

Helen Giddens

I thought I’d pop a post up here letting you know how I plan to run the shop in 2018. Now that the shop in becoming more popular I need to find a way of running it that works around my family and other commitments. So this is my plan.

Flower Fairies Yarn Club

This will be running through out the year with no changes. I will still put up pre-order listings for the 3-month clubs (Spring, Summer and Autumn) as I have been and then I will also put up the individual monthly listings. The club will ship out the last week of each month as it has been doing so far.

Ready to Ship Updates

I will be aiming to have at least one ready to ship update a month. The plan is to have a ready to ship update on the 1st of each month and then time and stock depending I may add a few things to the shop in the middle of the month. The update on the 1st of each month will (hopefully) be bigger updates than my previous updates.

Self-Striping Yarn

My self-striping yarn has been very popular but it is very time consuming, so my plan to 2018 is to run self-striping as pre-orders. What I am going to do throughout the year is put up pre-orders for various seasonal/holiday based self-striping. Some of these will be complete mysteries (like Valentines) and others you will get to see a mood board or inspiration picture. There will always be at least 2 different options with the self-striping. For example, Valentine’s was a mystery self-striping but you could choose between “Brights” or “Pastels” and for Easter I am going to include 2 different inspiration pictures that you can chose from. If I have time I may pop the occasional ready-to-ship self-striping in the shop but it will mostly be done through pre-orders.

Christmas 2018

I know it’s stupidly early to be talking Christmas but I thought it was worth mentioning. For Christmas 2018 I am planning on offering full advent calendars (24 days) with both 20g and 10g mini skeins, these will go on sale in September sometime and depending on popularity I will try and keep them open a little longer this year. I haven’t decided yet what else I will be offering at Christmas this year but I will probably do another mystery skein and maybe 12 days of Christmas again it all depends on my work load.

Other things

I may also run a few other club throughout the year but I don’t have any firm plans for these yet, and will announce them as and when I come up with them .

I hope you find this post helpful.

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