New Bases & Products

Helen Giddens

So alongside my Halloween colourways I am also introducing two new things.

Firstly, a new base. I am introducing a Blue Faced Leicester base. It is 75% superwash Blue Face Leicester (SW BFL), 25% Nylon. This is a British yarn that is very soft and sturdy. Whilst it’s not as soft as a merino yarn it is still lovely and soft and is also very squishy. This yarn would be fantastic for everything! You could use it in shawls and garments as it is still plenty soft enough to be against the skin, it is also perfect for socks as the nylon content gives it added strength. BFL is a lovely hard wearing yarn.

I’ve currently dyed up a lovely autumnal colourway called ‘Falling Leaves’ on this base whcih is avaliable in the shop on 2nd September 8pm BST.

I am also introducing sock sets. Many of us use less than 100g of yarn to make socks and enjoying playing with contrast heels, toes and cuffs and a sock set is perfect for that. You receive 50g of the main colour and 20g of the contrast, giving you a total of 70g of yarn. This should be enough yarn to knit up to a UK size 7 foot sized sock (and maybe bigger).

I’m starting with one of my halloween colourways – zombie apocalypse.

I hope you enjoy these new things.

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